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Oval-Shaped Ruby - FJ.6934
Origin: Burma

Medium: Ruby-Gold

Location: United States
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This Precious Gemstone Has Been Set in a Modern 18 Karat Gold Ring. Weight 7.5 carats.

“The price of wisdom is above rubies,” says Job, implying that rubies were highly treasured as early as Biblical times. Indeed, the respect and appreciation for rubies has always transcended all geographical boundaries and social class. One of the most precious of all gemstones, rubies are the red variety of corundum (the blue versions are sapphire) and are an incredibly hard stone-- the only gemstone harder being diamonds. The ruby has acquired special attributes from its admirers over the centuries. It has been regarded as a symbol of freedom, charity, dignity and divine power. The Burmese believed that gemstones ripened like fruit; the redder the color, the riper the ruby. Likewise, a flawed ruby was considered over mature. Large, gem quality rubies have always been very rare. Although huge gems are described in Medieval romances and Oriental literature, these stone were most likely exaggerated by the imaginations of creative authors or were actually garnets or spinels. This elegant ring displays the precious gemstone in a sumptuous gold setting. The refined ring presents the stunning centerpiece without drawing attention away from it. The simple yet sophisticated style of this ring is a true classic. If this ruby ring were a fruit, it would surely taste as sumptuous to our tongues as it appears to our eyes.
- (FJ.6934)


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