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Classical Revival Intaglio depicting the Zodiac - FJ.6223
Origin: Europe
Circa: 1700 AD to 1800 AD

Collection: Seal/ Intaglio
Medium: Bloodstone-Gold

Location: United States
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This Intaglio is Set in an 18 Karat Gold Pendant

The aristocracy and wealthy classes of France, England and Italy in the eighteenth century developed a passion for ancient art, particularly in ornaments and jewelry. They loved to re-capture the spirit of times long past and to blend in mystical elements to make their jewelry even more intriguing. This fascinating intaglio is a perfect example of the mixture of classic style and occult interest. We see here the famous symbols of the Zodiac in circular form, representing the twelve subdivisions with their corresponding signs, surrounding an interior of three standing figures. The name Zodiac comes from the Greek zoe (life) and diakos (wheel); symbolizing the primordial energy passing from the potential to the virtual, from unit y to multiplicity, from spirit to matter and returning by the same path. The Heliotrope (better known as Bloodstone) was believed in the Middle Ages to possess special magical properties. Certainly its rich grey-green color is appropriate to the mysterious scene engraved upon it.
- (FJ.6223)


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